Leaving on a jet plane...

With a wealth of experience designing and planning both weddings and events worldwide, Olive Sky has no bounds with locations. The world seems to get smaller and smaller everyday, and with a black book reaching from Rome to London, from Barcelona to Barbados, from Kefalonia to Cap Ferrat and beyond - travel is our forever sweetheart and we love to indulge it. 

We've organised parties on sailboats, and weddings on ski slopes. Whether you are a barefoot boho beauty yearning for the sand in between your toes as you say I do, or the allure of a jet set, bright city lights birthday has your name on it, we can bridge the gaps in geography and turn that wander-lust into a wonder-ful event. 

We couldnโ€™t have even dreamed a better wedding, let alone planned it in another country without you