Business doesn't mean boring...

Be it a product launch, charity gala, gallery opening, PR stunt or even your annual office get together, we've got the know how to ensure this event stands head and shoulders above the rest.

With experience in all of the above, Olive Sky can take the weight off your shoulders and smoothly deliver the event you require, within your budget.

Ideation is our bag. Brand launches, fundraisers, company get-togethers, conferences, activations and everything in between, we've worked with the 'big dogs' (and the little puppies) from simultaneous launches across 8 countries, to an office party for 12. Whether it’s an international AGM's for 6,000 colleagues or a boutique workshop for 6 - we'll work just as hard at both.

AV, branding, staging, ticketing, permits, venue sourcing, or the whole nine yards, we'll whip up an impactful event that showcases the jewel in your crown. Hell, we'll guarantee it shines brighter than any of your competitors too. 

Let's make it count.