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Eternal Imaging

Hamish Jordan is a little more formal structured in his approach on the day, but remains entirely flexible and has a great visions. His final portfolios always tell a story, and he pays great attention to the smaller details. His style of wedding photography ‘incorporates a mix of lifestyle and traditional photography themes which tell the story of your wedding day.’

from £2000 inc. full day coverage, a copyright-free online gallery & USB of all your images


Oyster Station / Roaming Selection


The Roaming Oyster Boys

Wearing kilts, our Oyster Boys serve our fine fare straight from traditional wicker baskets, opening on demand.

This mobility not only allows us to engage and enthuse our customers about our produce but also makes us very flexible in the way we work. We add a wonderful atmosphere and entertainment to any party. Our youthful exuberance adds excitement while the oysters speak for themselves.

*Fixed event fee £350 I Oysters priced at £2 each, recommend 1 pp

£710 for 180 oysters

(website under construction)


The Oyster Boy Events

For you wedding, the experienced shucker will set up a station in the courtyard or cloisters and serve you up the freshest and best prepared oyster you will ever try!

The spectacle of oyster shucking is a remarkable traditional skill that always draws interest and makes for a memorable event. Having a station loses the fun of roaming but it does mean that guests can keep going back to the station if that haven’t had their oyster fix!

* based on £100 per box of 50 oysters

£500 for 250 oysters at a station



As I know you are looking for a super fun, upbeat wedding , I would highly recommend a roaming band during dinner, following by a DJ in the dining room which is accompanied by a live musician. The roaming band play two/ three 25-30 minute sets like a series of mini concerts where the band move around and interact with your guests as they serenade in a playful, flirtatious, high energy manner like no other.. they are above all, incredibly entertaining!

In my experience, the dinner can sometimes be a ‘lull’ without entertainment, and DJ live never fails to get the guest up and dancing so I think it’s the perfect potion for you two! Please see below 2 options, with the second currently outside of your budget, but they have some great videos on youtube that are worth looking at as Wandering Hands has a very similar style. Please note, the bands are available at the time of booking and are not on hold.


Wandering Hands

Mixing the unamplified, impromptu table performances of wandering bands such as The Gypsy Queens with a vast repertoire of playful and inventive covers; Wandering Hands are a fun and exciting way to bring some spontaneity into the background music at an event.

The trio perform acoustically, strolling between tables and playing covers for small groups of guests, sometimes even taking requests! The band comprises of numerous musicians that rotate depending on the location and timing of the event.


The London Essentials

Over many years of weddings they have never failed to bring all types of guest personalities together in an infectiously fun and unforgettable way! It’s often referred to as the highlight for guests!

They have played all over the world, for all kinds of events for familiar faceas as well as being featured in Conde Nast.