Hello. To introduce myself, I’m Jennifer, Creator of Olive Sky.

Olive Sky Weddings & Events was born over 8 years ago, and runs on a genuine love (read: obsession) of event details and design, powered by caffeine, chocolate biscuits, lots of fountain-pen scribed notepads and occasionally the odd G&T.

I live and work with my head in the clouds, and my feet on the ground (hence ‘Olive Sky‘ if you were wondering).


With a lifelong passion for events and portfolio of unashamedly romantic weddings, dazzling parties, punchy corporate launches and royal affairs to boot, you can be sure I'm an event dreamer, designer and creator through to my core. 

Other things about me : I love the rain, but not when I’m sailing. I hate post it notes. The only thing I horde is ribbons. I’m an animal lover, but it ends with frogs. I think pearl buttons are not to be overlooked and my favourite colour is peppermint.  I don’t like marmalade or lemon curd. I absolutely believe in true love, and scatter cushions. My favourite flowers are Hydrangeas, Peonies, and Gypsophila en masse. I don’t like Gerberas.


I light candles everyday. I’m in awe of the Ionian Islands. I’d love to have a spaniel, affectionately named Useless. I’ve been known to colour code my clothes - if Jo Malone brought back their scented drawer liners I’d be in heaven (come on Jo). I’m incredibly nostalgic about photographs. My music taste always shocks people. I laugh until I cry all the time but until recently I’d never cried until I laughed. I've got a wild heart and wilder dreams.  Most importantly, they say, do what you love and love what you do... well, I'll never stop dreaming, searching and planning. Ever. It's part of me.

What is done in love, is done well.
— Vincent Van Gogh

If you are still eager to learn a little more about me or the Olive Sky team, by all means, pick up the phone and say hello, I promise we won't bite, and we'd love to learn more about you.