Photographer Selection

Please see below (in no particular order) for some suggested photographers that I have worked with previously and are currently available on your date.


Murray Freestone Photography

Murray is a very talented, free-spirited, laid back photographer, mainly specialising in reportage photography, yet he is also able to offer direction and group shots (he actually photographed my sister’s wedding!). He aims to ‘capture the surroundings in a way that tells the story of your wedding day and characters involved. Rather than predominantly taking a series of staged photographs, he prefers to work in a discreet and unobtrusive way that captures the events and emotions of the day as they naturally unfold.’

£1,400 inc. full day coverage, a copyright-free online gallery & USB of all your images


Reportage By

Reportage by is headed up by the incredible Pascal, and they work with a team of trusted photographers. Reportage By are dab-hands at a fun pop-up portrait set-up ( for an additional £1,000 photographer to shoot guests at MTH then print and gift them at The Gherkin) and have more of a focus on staged photos in comparison to the other suggestions, despite their name!

£2,500 inc. Pre-shoot, a few weeks before (optional), full day coverage with 2 photographers, a copyright-free online gallery & USB of all your images.


Eternal Imaging

Hamish Jordan is a little more formal structured in his approach on the day, but remains entirely flexible and has a great visions. His final portfolios always tell a story, and he pays great attention to the smaller details. His style of wedding photography ‘incorporates a mix of lifestyle and traditional photography themes which tell the story of your wedding day.’

from £2000 inc. full day coverage, a copyright-free online gallery & USB of all your images


Olivia & Dan

Olivia & Dan are another lovely married duo, with a gorgeous stylised sequence. They are delighted to aid in composition shots, providing direction when required. Additionally, Olivia hails from Italy, and as such speak fluent Italian which maybe an added bonus when organising those family shots!

from £2,500 including both Olivia and Dan to photograph on the day, a copyright-free online gallery & USB of all your images, all within 4-6 weeks.


We Heart Images

A fabulous husband and wife duo, Hector takes the images, and Charlie edits and collates them. Their style is ‘ bold and creative, aiming to tell stories and document the real moments. They are more than happy to shoot a few formals.’ Their photography is alternative and fun, with an emphasis on capturing guests enjoyment in the moment.

from £1,950 inc. 8 hours coverage and c. 400 images.


Bianco Photography

Anna Ambrosi ‘curates a refined creative direction through a continuous cross-art research, giving to the each and every picture Bianco’s signature style: tasteful and enduring.’

A highly acclaimed photographer, having featured in Harpers Bazaar and Vogue, Anna’s style is much more formal, creating stunningly striking images.

£POA - quote to follow


Silhouette Artist & Children’s Entertainment Selection

Both shadows cutters and the children’s entertainers below are available and on hold for your dates. I have worked with Charles before and he is fantastic. Mark comes recommended by a contact in the industry although I have not worked with him personally (yet!). Sharky and George really are unbeatable and I’m certain they will do an incredible job, the entertainers are Italian speakers.


Mark Conlin

The Shadow Cutter

£450 for 2 hours

Charles Burns

The Roving Artist

£750 for 2 - 3 hours


Sharky & George

Please see here for their proposal

from £2,350


Oyster Station / Roaming Selection


The Roaming Oyster Boys

Wearing kilts, our Oyster Boys serve our fine fare straight from traditional wicker baskets, opening on demand.

This mobility not only allows us to engage and enthuse our customers about our produce but also makes us very flexible in the way we work. We add a wonderful atmosphere and entertainment to any party. Our youthful exuberance adds excitement while the oysters speak for themselves.

*Fixed event fee £350 I Oysters priced at £2 each, recommend 1 pp

£710 for 180 oysters

(website under construction)


The Oyster Boy Events

For you wedding, the experienced shucker will set up a station in the courtyard or cloisters and serve you up the freshest and best prepared oyster you will ever try!

The spectacle of oyster shucking is a remarkable traditional skill that always draws interest and makes for a memorable event. Having a station loses the fun of roaming but it does mean that guests can keep going back to the station if that haven’t had their oyster fix!

* based on £100 per box of 50 oysters

£500 for 250 oysters at a station


Roaming Band Selection

The band play two 25-30 minute sets usually over the course of your wedding breakfast, and then they will sing guests down the street to the Gherkin. It's like a series of mini concerts where the band move around and interact with your guests as they serenade in a playful, flirtatious, high energy manner like no other.. they are above all, incredibly entertaining!


The London Essentials

I can honestly say that the LE are the best in the business! Over many years of weddings they have never failed to bring all types of guest personalities together in an infectiously fun and unforgettable way! It’s often referred to as the highlight for guests!

They have played all over the world, for all kinds of events for familiar faceas as well as being featured in Conde Nast.



Wandering Soul

This fabulous quartet come recommended as a more folk-style roaming band. I however have not worked directly with them, although from their videos and a brief chat with them, they seem lovely and of course if you wanted to go with them I’d recommend we try to see them in action prior to booking. They are of course a more cost-effective option too.

from £3,250


Crockery Selection

Below are some suggestions of crockery and place settings that I believe would work well. I would recommend long dining tables instead of rounds, and a dark cloth with a beautiful green garland, dotted with olive branches along the centre of the table. I have included the MTH in-house crockery and glassware should this be of interest.


Furniture Selection

Again, please see below for initial suggestions of dining/ceremony chairs. As you know, MTH has the wooden red leather chairs, but without the use of red in our colour scheme, I would recommend changing the chair choice to really create an impact in the space. Most of the chairs below can come with a choice of seat pad colours other than those I have recommended.

An option to add enhance the changeover state could be to use the in house chairs for the ceremony, and add a light floral touch in a deep tone to bring them together, then change the chairs for the dinner and only have the greenery, dark tones and perhaps the hint of gold or a metallic. This is something we can decide at the floral meeting when we look at the garlands and candelabras set up with some tableware options etc.


Florist Selection

Below are the two florists I am currently working with just to keep you in loop, incase you wanted to see there websites. I’ll let you know when you can check back here to find their quotes, which if course we will talk through.




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