And so the adventure begins...

Firstly, let's raise a proverbial glass to you - congratulations! Secondly, Olive Sky is a luxury wedding and event planning company dedicated to creating breathtaking weddings throughout London and beyond, so you are already in a great spot to begin.

At Olive Sky we’re all about innovation, beauty, honesty and ultimately, fun. Every wedding we create is bound by understated old school romance and stylised by an addiction to producing cool, classy, one-off events that reflect you as a couple.  

With over 8 years experience in managing and designing weddings of all shapes and sizes worldwide, we work with you to create the wedding you want, blending your visions with our fresh design and meticulous planning to produce an exquisite wedding that is neither manufactured nor ordinary. 

Jennifer, you were always there for me - to help with absolutely everything, even when I rang you late at night and early in the morning - when do you sleep?