Let's do this!

Ring around the collar of a Labrador? Spell out 'Marry Me' in candles on balmy evening on a rooftop? Create a photo gallery along Tower Bridge walkway? A surprise picnic aboard a river boat? They are all wonderfully whimsical ideas...but there's one problem. They are all over in the internet, whether it's Pinterest, Instagram or even one of the hundreds of wedding blogs, you can be sure your other half has already seen it.

It's incredibly hard to be original nowadays... that's where we come in. We can help you to create something unique to the two of you, something that's got that extra sparkle, and no we don't mean a bigger diamond.

Many of our clients like to keep our services hush-hush,  don't worry - we understand. We respond to all enquiries in a very secret squirrel manner... we'll never respond with an email that's obvious, and if your other half picks up your phone, we'll feign a random sales call - anything to ensure this secret is a kept one until you decide to ask that question.

Simply put, we have two approaches, depending on what stage you are at: 

I have a ring, but I'm a little short of ideas...

Fear not, let's have a free consultation chat about your relationship first, and if you decide you need a little sprinkle of creativity to get you off the ground, we'll put our marriage proposal thinking hats on and come back to you with two ideas. Then it's over to you...

> Starting from £100

I have an idea, but i'm going to need some back up...

If you've got that amazing idea, but your best man is a little unreliable and your other half's best friend will definitely spill the beans - we've got your back! Whether it's an intricate plan that needs putting into action by professionals, a logistical nightmare full of moving parts or a proposal abroad and the language barrier is getting the better of you, we can help! Together we'll make this the day you've imagined, with none of the stress, then we'll skulk into the shadows and you'll get all the credit! Win - win. 

> £ priced tailored to each proposal.

Whatever your idea or budget, we will help you make this an offer they can't refuse! So don't be shy, give us a call and let's start escaping the ordinary!